Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Discovering together: Communication tools ready to be used

We hosted our second Chromebooks, Cookies, and Coffee session this week with a focus on communications tools. Primarily Blogger and Remind.

Aside from enjoying each others company, a plethora of cookies, and a few cups of delicious coffee, we discussed ideas and opportunities for using the above mentioned tools. Below is a sampling of what we shared and discovered.

Remind is a Text/Email subscription service which allows parents/students to subscribe to messages sent via Text or Email from a teacher
140 Characters per message
Send homework reminders daily
Notify parents of upcoming important dates
Use on a computer or download the free app
Log in with your Google account
Remind parents/students of field trips
Schedule important reminders
Instant use!
Blogger Google's blogging service A simple easy way to share what is going on in your class.
Ideas for blogging
Student book reviews Project Sharing Journaling Picture a day Online Novel
Send an email to your parents with regular updates and important info? Take that same information and share it on a blog! Automatically archives, easy to share, & quick to find.
Blogs from around the building:
Text 81010 with this message: @techreq And recieve Technology Updates via Text messages
Want to learn more about any of these tools?
Text, tweet, Hangout, email, call, or contact
Jason P. Heisel or any Tech Committee Members