Tuesday, September 18, 2018

#TechTipTuesday - Before you update your iPhone to iOS 12

It's that perfect time of the year to get ready for the latest
and greatest from apple, because they just released a new update to their iPhone: iOS 12.

But before you update to the new OS make sure you've backed up to iCloud or to your computer.

Quick tutorial-on backing up to to iCloud

Step 1. Go to settings
Step 2. Tap on your name (located at the top of settings)
Step 3.Tap iCloud
Step 4. Scroll down to iCloud Backup
Step 5. Tap on on iCloud Backup
Step 6. Tap Backup now

Now that you have that out of the way you are ready to go and and download iOS 12

Step 1. Go to settings
Step 2. Scroll down to General and tap General
Step 3. Tap on Software update
Step 4. Scroll down to Download and install and tap Download and install

Your iOS device will need to have at  least 50% charge our be plugged in in order to get the update.
in about 5- 10 minutes your iOS 12 download should be downloaded and ready to install.

Some of my favorite new features from the latest update:

  • Notification management - Notifications from single sources will cluster together on your lock screen instead of filling up your entire screen with notifications. With a single tap you can see all of them and then cluster them back together by tapping "show less"
  • Turn off your "Do not disturb" setting right from the lock screen
  • Messages feels a bit more snappier as do the built in Apple keyboards
  • Voice memos app for iPad and eventually Mac

For those of you with iPhone X you will have more access to:

  • Memoji - Create a digital likeness and use it as everywhere
  • Animoji updated with tongue detection...that's right

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

#TechTipTuesday - Amazon Prime benefits

Let me start by sharing that this is not a sponsored post, just something that I thought twould be a worth while tip to share for all of you who have Amazon Prime already.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way...

For those of you who have Amazon Prime accounts did you know that this also grants you access to Prime video and Prime music!

If you want to check out all the music you can stream just point your web browser to 

Keep in mind that they have a second tier offerings that you will be prompted to consider purchasing Amazon Music Unlimited which is not necessary to listen to the music you already have access. 

You can also download the app Amazon Music for iOS or Android and login with your amazon account.

To check out what videos you can watch follow the link below and login with your amazon account or download the Prime Video App

Happy Streaming

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

#TechTipTuesday - Your Camera can do more than just take pictures

Did you know...

That the camera app built right into your iPhone can also be used to scan QR codes?

Give it a try today.

Find a QR code, open up your camera app and point the lens at it. After a second on the QR code a message will pop up on the top of the screen "QR CODE DETECTED" to follow the QR code to wherever it may be taking you simply tap on the message and be directed right to the page in your web browser.

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