Thursday, July 14, 2011

Windows Live

Last school year our school as well as the Highschool began to use Windows Live. Primarily for two reasons.


1. 25 GB of free data storage for every student that is accessible from any where could not be passed up

2. Moving our students into the 21st century with email access (ie direct link to their teachers outside of the classroom)

Now, within these two notes there were a plethora of other reasons why we chose to use this tool (one being that we are a PC based district and it seem the next logical step in simple tech integration for giving the students accessibility to their own work all the time at any computer.


This summer will be bringing the installation of Office 2010 to all PC computers in the district. A huge step up for us as we have been operating with Office 2003 for many many...many years now. That being said, I had my hopes that with 2010 and Live there would a simple means to connect  each student computer and student login to automatically or with the click of a button sync their data from their computer to their Live account, thus granting them a harmonious means to work on a computer and then have access ot that work on any computer with out having to use an external storage device.

I just happened to log in to Windows live now when I cam across a message that stated "Sync your computer with Windows Live, download the essentials pack"...Click...downloaded...install.

Time to play.

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