Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my notes on: Cool Tool Duel at #METC_CSD

Cool Tool Duel – The presentation:

The Notes:

Francis Howel - “QR Code Quick Response is basically a two-dimensional barcode  that is encoded with information such as text, URL or other data. It is readable by QR bar code readers and camera phones.”

Scanning methods: SMART phone free app QR scanner, QR reader connects to the a webcam. (free software available). You can use the QR code tag extension in Google Chrome to turn anything into a QR code.

Classroom application: QR codes on work sheets, use it as an enrichment tool, place the codes in the back of the book in a library . Create a calendar that uses the QR Code to link to videos posted on YouTube or teacher website

Wiffiti – Digital Public Brain storming tool. Use a text code to text in a message or answer to a question that is posted on Wiffiti. Texts then come in on a feed  in an animated way. Can use a laptop to send in the message with a Wiffiti account

Classroom application: Use the tool to have a continuous and on going dialogue about a chosen topic. Allows for a digital record of the online conversation and constantly flows in

ParkwayGoogle Art Project – Collection of museums from across the world. Hi res images of art work. Impressive Zoom function on many of the pieces of art.  Can create a collection of art work for your specific purpose, or you can use the tool to walk through many of the art museums with a function similar to using google street view. Select levels and rooms within museums to go directly to, or take a walk through the whole museum.

Search -  YoLink once you do a search, it puts a  button in your tool bar (extension) when you click on it you can refine your search further. Opens another box within the same window. Searches the links for new keywords. It has the ability export the link/search and create a google document with the content in it.

Rockwood – Voki – Creates an avatar like character that you can use to then speak to your class. Voki offers a bank of animated  historical figures and famous speeches. It also offers the user the ability to enter in text and have a computer generated voice read it aloud. The user can also use a microphone, or call in the dialogue you want the animated figure to read out loud.

Classroom application: Interviews recorded can then be brought to life with a digital avatar. Another means for a student to present information.

Classroom 2.0 ( Social networking for your classroom. Questions and answers for technology integration,  A resource about using Web 2.0 tools in the classroom.

Ultimate referring site is the presentation itself

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