Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my notes on: Peripheral Learners at #METC_CSD

Empowering the students is the key. We must meet them on their digital playground and offer guidance and direction to help them form a positive digital legacy.

Simple and practical methods to assist students succeed include: filming yourself teaching everyday and posting it on your website or YouTube channel. This simple no frill filming and posting approach allows a student to go back and watch processes and perhaps find answers to questions they have without having to announce that they do not understand something or would like something revisited. 

Creating a place in the class where the students could easily share their thoughts and feelings so that, the teacher, could easily see what is on their students minds each day helps both the teachers and students in many ways. Giving the students space in their classroom creates a stronger sense of community and ownership. They feel more comfortable in the space where they are trying to learn.

“What are some ways we could or should do to help kids make good decisions while using their devices”

Students today are carrying around, in their pockets, mobile devices that they can use to do research, film and edit a video, write essays, connect with peers and students; guiding them to use it appropriately and effectively is our responsibility.

Take time to discuss how they can use their mobile devices in their classwork, how to use it socially, share the impact that they can make both positively and negatively with their instant and constant connection to the internet, each other, and everyone in between.

Referring sites: http://kevinhoneycutt.org

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