Friday, November 27, 2015

#NaBloPoMo #FunAppFriday - Get all the Star Wars

For starters get yourself the ultimate Star Wars fan app, rich with fun Star Wars GIFS, emojis, trailers, and a count down for the release of Star Wars : The Force Awakens

Star Wars by Disney

If Han Solo was/is a favorite character of yours create your own Solo like character with this app. Enjoy the many worlds, play online with others as you take on odd jobs around the galaxy.

Star Wars™: Uprising by Kabam

A new one for me, this app just came out and it looks like you put together a team of classic characters to make the strongest team as you adventure your way the the Star Wars universe 

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes by Electronic Arts

Download any or all of them today to check out this weekend, and may the force be with you. 

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