Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunday Post - 2017

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Better presentations are only a click away - from Leslie Creath
Tired of power point presentations that all look the same? Leslie has mapped out some great suggestions, tips and tools to getting your learners to design something with much more meaning and that you may just enjoy looking at a little bit more.

Have a favorite presentation tool or tip, share it in the comments.

New Microsoft Translator - from GeekWire
Microsoft has launched a new feature within it's translator program. The way it is suppose to work should allow for a person to speak one language which will be automatically translated into another. Check it out within the app or on it's dedicated website. 

Speak or teach a foreign language? We would love hear how you might use this tool in your learning space or life.

Instagram Stories, save 'em if you got 'em - from Jason P. Heisel
Instagram added a "stories" feature a while back and has recently added the ability to download your entire story, in what feels like a way to keep up with SnapChat. It's a great feature to use to hold onto those memories if you want them to last longer than 24 hours, or if you'd like to share them later.


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