Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Post

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It's the Sunday post.
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Vine is Going away, well sort of from 9to5 Mac 
For those of you who have invested time creating a plethora of 6 second videos within the Twitter created Vine application then make sure you download your videos out of the application by Jan 17th. They are shutting down the social media aspect of the service and then will launch Vine Camera app, which will let you record 6 seconds videos...which yes you can do with your regular camera but not in the same way, allegedly.

Did you use Vine? Are you sad to see it go?  Let us know in the comments. 

As a Teaching Professor - Reaffirming Commitments from Merlene Gilb 
My good friend Merlene shares the ideals which inform her teaching as well as eloquently describe the art of teaching. The key components she embraces while preparing the next generation of educators are Respect and RiskDemocracy, Critical Reflection, and Deliberation; and Hope and Autonomy

What ideals drive your teaching? How might these ideals influence the learning happening in your space?

When procrastination becomes inspiration - from Manuel Herrera

Manuel, educator/creative/friend, shares the tale of how his passion of illustration and technology combined with elements of procrastination has transformed into a collaborative  learning opportunity. He's partnered up with Pixel Press, creators of Bloxels, to share his visual learning process when designing projects for kids.

What occupies your time when you should be doing something else, perhaps it may inspire others, share it in the comments.

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