Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sunday Post - Season 2 ep. 6

Wait, why is the Apple iPad Air 2 on sale again? This deal is bonkers.

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. It's no secret that we ❤️ Apple, now and forever. But we don't always love how expensive their products are. Which is why when we see an Apple product on sale, like these iPads at Walmart, we want to tell everyone we know.

Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot shows upgraded agility in 'Parkour' video

Its latest highlight reel, however, is one that should make this guy very, very afraid. Dubbed "Parkour," it features a bipedal battery-powered robot that not only jogs, but hops over obstacles and up an uneven obstacle course with nary a bobble.

Hit farming simulator Stardew Valley is coming to iOS

Popular indie farming simulator Stardew Valley is finally making the leap to iPhone and iPad. The game has proven a smash hit on Mac and PC, selling over 400,000 copies during its first two weeks of availability, and has been well-received on console, with glowing review scores on Metacritic.

Google Just Revealed a Brilliantly Simple Trick That Will Totally Destroy Telemarketers. (Wait, Why Aren't We Doing This Already?)

Google just announced it has come up with a new way to thwart telemarketers--heck, to completely destroy their business model. It's brilliantly simple, and it seems like it will actually work. Here's how Google's solution works--introduced at its hardware event in New York City on Tuesday.

11 Tools for Teaching With Videos - A PDF Handout - Practical Ed Tech

There are times when a good video or video clip can be just the thing that a student needs to see how all of the pieces of a topic come together. And sometimes just seeing a demonstration or hearing an explanation from a voice other than yours can be what your students need.

Google's Failed Social Network, Google+, Will Be No More

Google+, a social network that we can certainly say existed and not much more, is slated for a long-overdue trip down the memory hole.

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