Tuesday, November 6, 2018

#TechTipTuesday - Go VOTE

Before the day is over please make sure you take the time to get to the polls and vote.

Lyft and Uber are offering free or discounted rides to those who are looking to get to the polls
Even Lime is offering free bike rides to get people to the polls.

Check out the articles below to learn how to use them

Uber and Lyft Are Giving Discounted Rides to Vote on Tuesday. Here's How To Get One

Uber and Lyft have discounted rides to vote in the midterm elections on Election Day 2018, while other services are offering free rides.

Lime offers free bike and scooter rentals on Election Day

If you're looking for a way to the polls this Election Day, you can snag a free ride via bike or scooter from Lime. The company is offering free trips on its fl...
While you are waiting in line, if you have already read up on all your ballot options, check out my recent updates as I travel my way through #NanoWriMo #NanoBloMo using the Series feature inside Medium

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