Thursday, November 3, 2016

#NaBloPoMo App Exploration : Hype Interactive Live Video

Recently an App called Hype came out from the creators of Vine. With the immense popularity of Vine and the news of it's soon to be going away I thought I would check it out and give it a review.

HypeHype - Interactive Live Video by Intermedia Labs
For iOS

A live streaming multi-media app.
It allows a user to create a screen filled with your chosen media including live streaming footage, the ability to add in images, audio, and words all while streaming live.

My first impressions: OH MAN there is TONS of POTENTIAL with this app.

Imagine live streaming an event, where you can add in images and scroll through them slide show style. Pop in text whenever you want to point something specific out our share details without having to say it. Add music to your live stream to make it a bit more interesting.

Some things I learned: 
Words do not show up until you finish editing them.
You can go back and change the same text you wrote previously.
You can make changes to everything in realtime while you stream.
You can download the footage after recording.
The app is an iPhone Only app presently.

Some things I need to figure out:
Can you control the volume of the music you add in?
Can you change the camera view while streaming (front facing to rear facing)?
Can you tweet out a link to your live Hype from within the app?

This is at very least a very fun idea for an app and I am excited to see it grow and transform. Check it out today.

Check out my fist Hype Interactive Video below or view it on my Hype Channel

TheTechSpec on @hype: Tech on the Side

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