Wednesday, November 30, 2016

#NaBloPoMo - Another Success!

Well I can say without a doubt that the second time around, #NaBloPoMo was "easier" than the first time. I felt like I had much more material to write about, and was pretty energized to get to writing each day.

Looking back at my last post of last year was fun to reflect on. I probably should have looked at it sooner (a note for me to remember for next year) as it was littered with ideas on what to add in this year.

Much to my surprise, I found out that I covered most of it and added some fun new ideas to the mix.

Last year I suggested that I should add a guest blogger (did that before November started and got a few lined up for down the road)

I've shared two posts that include the WGSD After Chat podcast that I co-host with Brian Hill

Find all of our episodes on iTunes or check them out on the WGSDChat website

I did not share a picture a day via Blogger, but you should connect with me on Instagram where I share at least a picture a day and have grown very fond of the Instagram Stories.

I must admit that my favorite new element to the blog which came about this year during #NaBloPoMo were my Sunday posts:
Sunday Post 1
Sunday Post 2
Sunday Post 3
Sunday Post 4

I look forward to continuing to develop them and share byte size elements of tech woven together with my odd sense of humor.

Lastly, I am very excited to continue my exploration of digital space and share along the way.

Thanks again for following me along this year during National Blog Post Month. 

As always,

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