Saturday, November 12, 2016

#NaBloPoMo A Exploration of Digital Space, part 2

I am continuing to discover the the subtle nuances of Weebly, and of course while researching and developing the space I am discovering a few things about myself.

1. I am not ready to lock into a single tool yet.
     I have realized that it was too soon to lock into a single tool, as I am not certain it will provide me with the most flexible design that meets my goals.
     This is, what I believe we call “failing forward”. A mantra we encourage our kids to practice, and one I feel we too must practice. The act of failing brings about a wide range of emotions unique to each person. While we want to encourage and reinforce that “within failing there is success” I wonder how we might also encourage a person who has failed to embrace their feelings and discover more about themselves.

2. When building, I have to build in more places than one
     Sound exhausting, but what I have discovered is while I explore the possibilities of what I can do with one piece of software I wonder what is possible in another. I am a wonderer. While I was exploring this concept and what possibilities Weebly has to offer, I thought I would explore Wix, simultaneously. The awesome new thing I found within Wix is WIX Ai. 

For those of you interested in having a website but not wanting to put near this amount of time into it’s original creation Wix offers an option (free) that will build a website for you. It simply asks you a few questions about how you want your site to function, shows you some color options and will produce a website for you. You can of course make changes to it after it has done the first load of work.

3. I like a blank canvas
     When I see a blank canvas, I see limitless potential. I could put a line there, and a swash of color there. I can make the space take shape, and I can change it with ease. Weebly, has not offered me the blank canvas I have discovered I love, or I have not discovered how to create the blank canvas I want within Weebly.
     Web tools have gotten very sophisticated, the tools that lend themselves to that feeling of a “blank canvas” are WYSIWYG editors. (What you see is what you get) While Wix presently offers this option in a very simple and elegant way to design, I will continue to explore the tools of Weebly, as it’s mobile interface is still the stronger pull…for now.

Stay tuned and stay connected.

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