Thursday, November 10, 2016

#NaBloPoMo WGSD After Chat Podcast

 This year @B_Hill_akaH and I took on the task of creating a companion podcast to  our districts weekly Twitter chats (#WGSDChat, shared in yesterday's post)

Or original idea was to condense a month worths of chats into a single podcast ranging from 15-20 minutes and helping to highlight the chat and tweets that sparked more conversation, and then add to this conversation while sharing the chat with an audience who may not be familiar with  ro as comfortable with a twitter chat.

The tools we are using:
Soundcloud - for hosting the podcast - for archiving each chat
Google Hangouts on Air/YouTube - for meeting in different locations to help us in our already loaded daily schedules.
Garageband - for editing the final show

What we have discovered is that a month worths of chats leads to a much longer podcast, so, we are looking to modify and try new things in order to provide a better/more streamlined podcast for future episodes.
In the meantime, check out our first episode here or subscribe to it using your preferred podcast venue, just search for WGSD After Chat:

Stay tuned and stay connected. 

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