Tuesday, December 5, 2017

#TechTipTuesday - Google Photo iMessage APP

Yes, I know I know, I keep blogging about how great the Google Photos app is, but new OS updates mean new features, and you are going to love this one.

As I mentioned before, the Google Photos app is a great way to store your photos online and clear up space on your phone.

Well now there is an app found right in the iMessage app which will let you access your photos stored online, making sharing your photos via text super easy.

If you have the Google Photos App you can access the iMessage App just below your text window.

Just click the App button located next to your Text bubble.

If you do not see the Google Photo iMessage app right away you can visit the store to download it or try swiping to the right and clicking the 2 dots and turn on the apps you want to show up

When you have it setup you can click the Google Photos app and you will have instant access to send your photos within your iMessage/Text.