Friday, June 5, 2015

A constant state of revision

Another school year down and a whole lot learned. The formation of a parent based communications committee this year gave me the opportunity to work directly with parents in regard to digital communications.

We met throughout the year to discuss new opportunities, parent needs, concerns, and make  better the digital communications from Hixson Middle School.

One year later and I am proud to introduce that latest form our Middle School blog has taken on.

I share with you, in it's infancy of course, Hixson Connects, our all inclusive information focused blog, designed based on the request of our parents.

My hope is for this tool to act as the hub of information coming from Hixson which is flexible in it's design to allow adjustments based on the needs of our current parents and information coming from Hixson.

A special thanks to one of our Hixson Tech Yes students for the very creative logo creation.

As always, stay tuned, and stay connected.