Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Web Based Inspiration

A great tool shared with me in my search for free Inspiration like web based software: http://www.bubbl.us/

No user name or email required to use the mind-mapping software.

Kudos to @usamimi74 for sharing.

Where has the monthly maintenance gone?

In order to get in this months maintenance routine, there will be no formal calendar demonstrating when we will be arriving. When the opportunity arrives we will come to your class and collect a few student laptops from the cart to install two new programs, VLC and Open Office. Once the programs are installed we will return them to your cart, and repeat the process until all the student laptops have the software installed.

VLC is a media player that plays a HUGE variety of media file types. 

Open Office has many potentials for use in your classrooms, primarily it will open MANY version of “Word” file types and versions.

Lastly, I will be getting around to every projector to clean them out.