Tuesday, March 28, 2017

#TechTipTuesday - Facebook Stories

Today Facebook launched the Stories feature within their main app. Stories is much like...well... Instagram Stories or SnapChat stories.

It's a fun and simple way to share something that's happening (Picture or Video) to you in the moment without having to take the time to craft a whole post. They are treating it much like a "new" camera app built inside of the application. 

After capturing a moment of your 24 hour story(That's right tt goes away after 24 hours) you can add it right to your story(which resides at the top of your Facebook app) or you can add it to a post.

It is a great quick and easy method to access and see what all your friends are up to. 

Who needs vertical scrolling feeds anymore!

Enjoy checking it out and creating new and fun stories

And as always,

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

#TechTipTuesday - Anchor.fm

A little more than a year ago I posted a blog post all about an app called Anchor. They have just recently updated the application with a plethora of new tools.

The app now functions much in the same way allowing you to record audio to the internet, the new features let your continually add content throughout a 24 hour period of time, creating a more podcast like experience. Within your "Anchor-cast"(the term used to describe your online broadcast) you can now add content from other anchor-casts, receive call in's from other "anchor-casters", add background music to your recording, find and add music into your anchorcasts and a few more tools. You can also auto archive your broadcasts daily so that you can export them and use them in other online venues (such as Soundcloud, archive.org, etc)

It is certainly something you should check out today. You can download the app for iOS or Android. And login using your Twitter or Facebook account.

The ideas for how you may use this application with your learners are endless but here are a few suggestions to get your brainstorming how this tool may help expand the learning and cultivate a wider audience for your learners.

- Daily learning reports from Classrooms
- Poetry readings
- Math challenges with call in responses
- A platform for sharing short stories
- Book reviews/talks

As always
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Find my Anchorcast here:

Monday, March 6, 2017

#TechTipTuesday - Google Meet

Google has created a rival to the ever popular Skype tool and it's called Google Meet.

Invite and have up to 30 people on a single video conferencing call.

Create a unique "meeting code" and get a unique url to always use when having a video conference call.

For starters head over to meet.google.com

Create a conference call or join one with a meeting code shared with you.

First things first, allow access to your microphone and camera

Create a unique code and hold onto the digital meeting space for ever 
Invite others to join your chat room by sharing the url with them, emailing then, or posting it to Google+

As always
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