Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer 2.0

Summer has just begun, and fresh on my mind are tools that I want to delve deeper into and learn more about. I want to find out what they fully offer and see if there is potential to use them in the class room, or in the work that I do.

As far as I can tell Webdoc offers a media rich conversation stream that shares similar aspects of micro blogging tools as well as Edu.Glogster.

The potential to have a live streaming session or sessions which one can view on mobile devices is exciting, I am also hoping there is potential to record content and upload it. There are similarities to to YouTube, but the idea of being able to host live web content for free through UStream has great potential.

As a whole I am very interested to to push blogging to new limits. Primary goal: the creation of an Online "text" book.  When presented with the challenge of creating an online text book my mind immediately went to Wordpress, however, it's number one limitation was the inability to post video content for free. So what I needed was: a system that shares the most recent content on the front end, while also sustaining ease of access to regularly desired data/content. Multi Media fusion would be a must, as well as forwarding/pushing/feeding updates to students/teachers via conventional and student popular methods would also rank high on my list. So I hope to explore the depths and power behind Posterous, which offers many methods of "auto-posting" or sharing.

If you have used any of the above mentioned tools leave a comment, send me a tweet, or email me about them

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