Thursday, December 6, 2012

The social sharing experience(s)

I recently discovered yet another new tool to share the various technological ramblings I may have to offer the world


As far as I can tell, this tool is designed to allow a user to produce a multi- media rich "card" of information. The tool, as far as I can tell, currently operates within a web browser which then allows a user to access all of their social media platforms as well as search the web for images that can be placed on the "card"

Though your product is created on a computer in a web browser, it seems to experience the full options of the "card" with all of it's features is only on thethe iPad with the App (free).

From the app you can share out links to all your favorite social sharing tools.

I look forward to seeing what this tool evolves into, and continuing to share info in new venues.

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