Friday, December 4, 2015

#WGBuzz : This Week in the #HxTech Center

GFA recorded a short film written, directed and staring kids.

A new generation of editors learned how to edit using Adobe premier pro.

A band student edited a video program for their upcoming performance.

Our 8th grade GFA (Gifted Fine Arts) members learned how to edit a creative musical project they recorded.

A Minecraft enthusiast investigated a Minecraft coding tool from

And then began coding for the first time ever.

A new podcast was created.

We got to check out some Star Wars Google Cardboard that one of the learners brought in.

Our daily announcement crew streamed live from the FACS room where they were making Mozzarella!

A new episode of Hixson Game Centeral Podcast was recorded and edited.

And our iReporters and iProduction crew produced their 11th episode.

It was a full fun filled week in the Tech Center this week!

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Stay tuned, and stay connected.

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