Tuesday, July 11, 2017

#TechTipTuesday - The magic of Shift + Z in Google Drive

 If you have not yet used the function Shift + Z while inside Google drive, then I would like to formally introduce you to it.

This key combination will allow you to create a single document (slide show, drawing, spreadsheet, etc) inside multiple folders within Google Drive. This beats the old school method of creating a copy of the same work in multiple folders which you would need to make changes to individually should a change be necessary.

Here's how you go about trying this function out:

Start by loading Google drive, create or locate a file you'd like to show up in multiple folders within Google drive then single click on it, then press the shift key and z key together to get the following menu:

Next click into the folder you would like this document to appear in as well (again this is not a copy of the document it is the same document, if you need to make a change to it you can in either place and the changes will appear ) Then click Add.

The document, slideshow, drawing, spreadsheet, etc will now appear in both places.

Pro tip: If you have multiple documents you want to appear in multiple  locations start by moving them all to a single place then go through the above steps, but use shift click to select all of the documents you want to appear in the other location then press Shift +Z to add them to the new locations.

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