Monday, April 25, 2011

I was, to say the least, a bit surprised.

During an after school faculty meeting today I was pleasantly happy to see our principal, @HixsonPrincipal , using our internally built School Center website dubbed "The Hixson Network". The gist of network is to provide a single point for teachers to have access to everything they need ranging from PD, the principals notes, documents, referral information, email, sub finder, etc. I digress, as this post is not about the network...

As it was, the principal was actively using it during the meeting when a teacher asked a question regarding a technical question on access to the network:

"Is there a way to set it so that I do not have to type my login information every time?"

To our principals credit, he replied back "I just click the remember me on this computer button and then I do not have to re enter it"

They replied "That doesn't work"

Here is where my surprise entered the picture.

I have not been to a faculty meeting all school year, the first one I attend and a teacher is asking for technical advice, to which I shared: "Use fire fox"

I knew this to be the immediate fix, as I just recently had a technology request come in with this issue on it. Field tested and Tech Spec approved solution

Then it happened, at least 3-4 other teachers all agreed that this solution did not solve their problem.

I sat there, not shocked but upset, that teachers have been experienceing this issue for I do not know how long and not a single one had reported the issue. This is the soul purpose of the technology request system.

I brushed it off and jokingly responded to the crowd "Put in a tech req"

I do hope the teachers who have experienced this issue enter in the request to have the issue re examined, in the mean time I have tested it multiple times on different computers and found the issue to only happen in IE and could not duplicate the issue within FireFox.

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