Monday, February 28, 2011

my notes on: Copyright Clarity #METC_CSD

Copy Right Clarity -  @ReneeHobbs

The value of copy right

Using  copyright materials without paying

Written in the constitution, the purpose of copyright is:
“To promote creativity innovation and the spread of knowledge”

How teachers cope
“See no evil” Adopt that they do not want ot know, they choose
“Close the door” Anything I do in the context of helping the students do good, and I tell no one, who’s to know. The work is more important
“Hyper Compliant” Hold onto the rules, more rigid rules for their students but less for them selves. Maybe not fully understanding the rules

Replace old knowledge: You and your students are granted copyright at the moment they create their work.

  1. the right to reproduce your own work

  2. make a derivative work on your work

  3. right to distribute

  4. perform

  5. display

Who’s responsible for the copyright: The copy right holder
But…there are exemptions.

The Doctrine of fair use: You don’t have to ask permission to use  a copyrighted work if you are using for socially benefiting purposes such as teaching, news reporting, criticism, comment

Strong protection for owners, and strong protection for users. Fair use is designed to promote copyrighted materials.

The tips to remembering fair use:

“Trasnformativness, add value, re-purpose

Fair use is contextual – No issue until it is taken to a judge.

There is no lawsuit to this day where a copyright holder sues and educational system.

Copying does not deserve the use of fair use

4 choices:

  1. Pay a license fee.

  2. Claim fair use, just use it.

  3. Select public domain royalty free or creative commons licensed content.


Citation is ethical, not legal.

Did I transform it or did I just copy it? – The question that students need to ask themselves.

“Get out of jail free card”- clause If you’re an educator and you make a fair use determination in using copyrighted materials and you are sued by the copyright holder, the law mandates that all statutory damages are remitted to 0.

Thanks to Renee Hobbs, teachers may unlock dvds that are protected with a content scrambling system when circumvention is for the purpose is socially benefiting purposes such as teaching, news reporting, criticism, comment

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