Monday, February 14, 2011

Pregaming #METC_CSD 2011

Tomorrow I will be attending the METC conference in St. Charles, Missouri. I look forward to this conference every year. It is a time to connect with peers, collaborate with people in my field, explore new possibilities, unlock new resources and meet people that share the same passion for technology and education.

This Tuesday I am hoping to attend the following sessions and share them via twitter, ,Facebook, and my blog

Peripheral Learners

Changing Middle Schools Online Professional Learning Communities

Motivational Technology Coaching and Professional Development

PD 2.0 - Live‚ Online‚ and on the Go

What tools do I need in my differentiation toolbox

Tomorrow my fellow colleagues, @BookLadyJCW and @Midschoolsci will be joining me at the conference. I look forward to sharing, collaborating, and learning more tomorrow.

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