Thursday, February 24, 2011

my notes on: PD Live and on the Go #METC_CSD

PD Live session notes:

Using Adobe Connect to provide and create Webinars has been very beneficial to help create a bank of PD sessions that people can use when they need them. It also allows the user to host sessions where multiple people can view a live session and use a chat to ask questions as the session progresses.

Best method for providing PD was to disect the PD into small pieces. 20 minute max sessions.

Connecting beyond the classroom: Use free tools like SKYPE to connect to one another and other teachers

ADOBE CONNECT: One host license, annual license, packs of 5 for $600 unlimited amount of meetings and recordings. No server setup is required.

What to consider before starting an online PD program:

  • Cost

  • Training presenter and participants

  • Bandwidth - depends on how much video you are running

  • Technical hurdles - wireless issues if everyone is on the same access point. Do people know how to select their microphone?

  • Accountability - do you want people to be tracked by how long they are logged in? More cost

  • Scheduling - Getting people online at the same time.  Run webinars multiple times a day.

Looking at Microsoft Lync
Connect with the community and the experts.

Lesson learned
Train participants and get them comfortable with online PD
Keep session within 20-30 minutes
Change the mindset of trainingg
Specific skill focus

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