Friday, February 3, 2012

Quite the interesting and brilliant observation

When a student shared with me today that they found themselves bored in a class that they had originally thought would be "really fun" I suggested that they develop a way to learn the subject in an innovative way, on their own.

I asked the student "What would you do first to begin learning a subject you knew nothing about and had no teacher in?"

Their immediate response was to find a piece of software to teach them. I then suggested that, at their finger tips they had the entire internet, the world even, and that the possibilities lived outside of just a piece of software.

When I was sharing the story previously mentioned with @technokato she brought up a most excellent and brilliant observation:
Why is it we do not have an educational culture where students feel empowered enough to share with their teachers that they find a method of teaching boring and request an alternative avenue?

With quite literally, the world at our finger tips, why would we not empower students to speak up, and try something different? Allow them to identify and set their own learning goals? Allow them to challenge themselves to surpass their own goals?

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