Saturday, February 4, 2012

Website Awareness Month

In my building this month, I've dubbed it: Website Awareness Month. Sharing tips and tutorials with staff on the work section of my blog and over at my YouTube station. We are also providing assistance all day on Wednesdays to help people work through, trouble shoot, brain storm, and talk about web site development in our media center.

The goals are to help people do little things to freshen up their sites, make them more dynamic, and in some cases take a look at their site for the first time in ages. I wanted to be able to have time where our staff could mark their calendars and plan on working on their sites as in my years working with them I've discovered, that even though they can meet with me anytime they request, they prefer to have a set date or time handed to them so that they can plan for it.

With BYOD in the possible horizon, it only makes sense to improve and enhance our websites as they may soon become (or at least I hope we can build them to become) the central hub of digital learning, giving students instant and quick user friendly access to the tools they need.

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