Monday, November 2, 2015

#NaBloPoMo : Blog Fuel

So I've begun this Marathon of daily blog posting for 30 days. We are all on to day 2.

Hopefully you've already pondered what will be fueling your daily blog posts. I started a list of ever growing ideas. 

Lucky for me there is rarely a dull day in the Tech Center so I figured it was about time to take my own advice (which I've been sharing with teachers for years now) and post pictures of the day to day going ons in our learner focused tech center.

Last week it was hopping:
Students worked on creating their weekly variety show. This is a collaboration of 2 after school clubs: iReporting (which meets on Tuesdays) and iProduction (which meets on Wednesdays.) More info on the clubs and collaboration in future posts.

A group of our Gifted Fine Arts learners (GFA) produced their first ever podcast, titled "The Typical Middle Schooler"
Check it out as part of the HixsonHub ON AIR podcast program lineup. 

A group of learners enthusiastic about technology who perform a plethora of technical work ranging from tech delivery to website development decided to live stream a comedy news show using the Periscope app.

Lastly another group of GFA students made this lovely art installation for us to honor Red Ribbon Week.

That sums up some of the more interesting points of last week, and I feel like it has given me even more to write about. 

Best of luck to all you Bloggers out there. 
If you have any questions or would like me to go into any more specific details on this post or future posts please leave me a comment.

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