Sunday, November 22, 2015

#NaBloPoMo - Stepping outside of your comfort zone

Today I made rolls. That's a big deal in my world. If I had a culinary title it would be Master Reheater.

It was some time ago when my wife, who is an amazing chef, was sick and asked me to make her soup. The task was daunting, stressful, and scary. She believed in me, that's what it took.

I made soup. Not a big deal to some but a huge deal to me. Often we need to keep in mind those little tasks we expect from our learners and just how big of a deal it might be for them to achieve it. Celebrate success, trying, failing, and trying again. You never know what that little bit of encouragement might encourage a person to do. 

Me I made rolls, what will you do outside of your comfort zone this week?

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