Monday, November 23, 2015

#NaBloPoMo - Exploring an idea

As a continuation from my  "Trying new things" post, this morning, our daily announcement crew wanted to try live streaming the announcements. I used the intercom system to let everyone know when the announcements would be starting, and how to access them. Then I let the kids try something new. 

They chose a location took their equipment and setup to stream live using  the Periscope app. They've been exploring it's use over the past few months trying to determine how it could best be used.

In the true spirit of failing forward, we learned lots from our live stream today.

1. The tool we were using (Periscope) was blocked on several computers but not all of them.

2. Many people did not know exactly what to do once they clicked the link.

3. There is a delay in the stream.


1. We emailed the staff to let them know the best tool to use to view it.

2. We sent out directions on what to click and how to view the announcements once they've clicked the link.

3. We will start our stream early to allow for the delay.

If you'd like to catch it tomorrow, we will be streaming live at 

On a personal note, after my "Trying something new" post the Superintendent of our district Dr. Sarah Riss reached out to me with suggestions and support of exploring other options for future viewing of our daily announcements in building. It is great to work in a district where the superintendent pays attention to every detail that makes up their district, and actively supports the learners passions and ideas. 

Stay tuned to future posts to follow the journey of "What could be" as the learners investigate new spaces, equipment and ideas that will bring the announcements to the school in new ways.

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