Thursday, November 12, 2015

#NaBloPoMo I'd like you to meet #WGSDChat

Every Thursday, +Don Eckert +Melissa Hellwig and myself host a Twitter chat designed to spark conversations across our district, we use the unique hashtag #WGSDChat.

If memory serves me this idea came up in a Google Hangout conversation between the three of us a little over a year ago. And the next day we started brainstorming outing, and by the end of the week we had discussed it with +John Simpson , our assistant superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, who was very excited for us to mve forward with the discussion.

So every week we ask the WGSDChat group if they have suggestions for topics or questions they would like to share as well as emailing people directly to see if they are interested in designing the sessions. The topics are as varied as the ideas that flow from all corners of the district, encompassing all ages, topics, areas of interest, afterschool activities, etc.

It has blossomed into a robust weekly conversation within our district and has many active members from outside of our district, or as we like to call them "friends of Webster".

Check it out every Thursday at 7:00 at the #WGSDChat

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