Wednesday, November 11, 2015

#NaBloPoMo - iReporting and iProduction

Every week, a self selected group of Middle School learners give up 30 minutes to write, create, record, produce, edit and post our Weekly variety show.

This is part of our after school activity lineup. Over the years it has had many names, but for the past 3 years it has been two activities. Meeting on Tuesday is iReporting with Mrs. Gavin, and iProduction, meeting on Wednesday with Mr. Heisel (that's me)

The transformation has been amazing, each new class comes in with bright new fun ideas and a better idea of what is possible, thanks to their predecessors.

Manning the camera and telepromter

Brainstorming, writing, laughing, and having fun.
Editing the full show lineup is truly a mega job shared amongst 3-4 students who expressed interest in learning the full process.
Sometimes we like to attempt to distract the iReporters while they rehearse.
Mrs. Gavin and Mr. Heisel

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And if you would like to watch the transformation of the show check out our playlists!

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