Wednesday, November 4, 2015

#NaBloPoMo : It's amazing what they can do in 45 minutes

Yesterday a group of Tech enthusiastic learners descended upon the Tech Center filled with ideas, the first idea they wanted to carry out was an interview and tour of our building led by one of our custodians. The tour's focus: the haunted side of our building. Armed with and iPad, iRig microphone and middle school energy they set out and live streamed to our HixsonHub periscope channel

While one interview was taking place the host of our daily announcements recorded, and edited the newly renovated show.

While interviewing, live streaming, recording and editing was happening, a few students from a 7th grade team came down to pick my brain about Raspberry Pi. Their team teachers were recently awarded one and the learners were given the opportunity to set it up and explore the endless options that a Raspberry Pi offers. Lucky for me, a raspberry pi novice, I had a learner in the room who owned and has explored in depth the many facets of Raspberry Pi ownership, building, design, coding, etc. He spent a good portion of that time sharing what he did with his, and they discussed what they really wanted to make their Raspberry Pi do.

Then the reporters returned, and began researching and discussed their next possible broadcast, and how many views they had of their live stream.

While they discussed their show, another learner was working on updating the student made and managed website:

All in 45 minutes.

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