Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#NaBloPoMo - Live Streaming Announcements


In less than a few days we jumped from 16 views daily to 63 views LIVE! 

Today we streamed the announcements via the Periscope App (HixsonHub) also viewable at http://periscope.tv/HixsonHub

This morning, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, we setup our location, started our stream 5 minutes prior to the announcements, announced 1 minute before we were starting via the intercom system and  we left the stream with 63 views!

Needless to say the crew was extremely happy about the success and changes. 

Continuing to learn  each day how to make it better for the audience, we collected this feedback:

1. Could we increase the volume
2. Some people still could not view the stream on their devices.

I shared the feed back with the producer and host and they immediately had solutions.

1.We have an iRig mic which we will try after the holiday break to boost volume.
2. The producer discovered a way to access the feed directly which worked on every device. After the live stream she began creating a screencast on how to access the stream if you are having difficulty. After  she created it she had another student watch and test it to see if it made sense and worked. Next step is sharing it with the staff.

On top of the success of our views several of the kids in the building have expressed how cool it is that the announcements are live. That interest sparks new energy and ideas on how to make them more engaging and informative.

As always, stay tuned and stay connected. 

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