Monday, November 7, 2016

#NaBloPoMo A transformation of space, Part 2

After the initial transformation of the space, shared via "A transformation of space, Part 1"

The whole Tech center felt like it was ready for a change.

The guiding wondering for the space was:

"How might our our Technology center better support all learners in the building?"

After this initial transformation we began to move furniture around and see how we might alter the space to better supply our tech services. (recording space, editing space, tech support, computer repairs, etc) as well as make the space more responsive to the learners who use it.

The results

A comfortable place to discuss and plan OR a place to wait until the studio is available to record in.
"Editors Bay" Desktop computers designed for heavy hitting editing jobs.

A 3D printing station. 

A white board for mapping out ideas or creative fun.

A Tech Center Help desk, that doubles as a repair space and HixsonHub site management space.

Other side of "Editors Bay"
Tables to the right are for working on projects or whatever you might need the space for.

A sitting area next to the two technicians who occupy the space, with hands on viewing of the Technology Museum.
Overall, I am very excited with how the space transformed and how the learners have taken to using the space.

Stay tuned and stay connected.

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