Wednesday, November 9, 2016

#WGSDChat, a blog worthy event. #NaBloPoMo

Every Thursday for the past 3or 4 years myself and small group of educators in my district have hosted a Twitter Chat.

A Twitter Chat, is a conversation that takes place on twitter using a particular hashtag.  

Every week on Thursday's at 8:00pm (central) we share a series of questions on a particular topic, then the questions are shared via Tweets using the hashtag #WGSDChat in each tweet.

The topics range from Tech tools to Democratic Learning. 

This year @creathsclass designed and built a new Website for us to archive all of our chats. I have helped manage the archival process using the new website. 

Check out our page and all of our previous chats at:

The tools wee are using to host and manage our chat:

Tweetdeck - To schedule our tweets during the chat
Google doc - To develop our weekly questions collaboratively 
Canva - To create images loaded with our questions

Are you hosting your own Twitter chat? Share it in the comments.

Stay tuned and stay connected.

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