Wednesday, November 2, 2016

#NaBloPoMo A transformation of space, Part 1

"How might our Technology center better support all learners in the building?"

I started the school year off with this question in mind. and after we had issued all of our learner devices out I began looking at both the Tech Center and my office through this new lens.

The obstacle: Recording would often be interrupted by someone knocking on the door.
Sub obstacle:  We have many issues with student devices this year, hence the constant interruptions,

With these two obstacles identified, I started brainstorming on solution with the other techs and learners in the room.

My wondering...

"What if... I convert my office space into a recording studio to lessen interruptions and create a larger space to process the high volume of devices returning to the Tech Center on a daily basis in the current recording spot?"

Embracing the challenge a small group of us began the process of transforming my office space into a studio.

The Before
Click "The before" to view it in VR/360
Click "The After" to view it in VR/360
The results have been spectacular. While I felt converting my office space left it feeling cramped and cluttered, the kids using the space felt like it was more realistic and studio like. 

As any space should be, the Studio is ever adapting to meet the needs of our learners (including myself)

Click "The present" to view it in VR/360

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