Monday, November 14, 2016

#NaBloPoMo In the busy moments of a Monday

Monday's are hard. We all know it. Garfield has been telling us for years how terrible it is.

In those busy moments of a Monday, I try my best to listen to others, wonder big and small, and reflect.

Blogging has been helpful. Daily I feel like I must stop and think about what to write, and during that time I mentally walk back through my day and reflect.

Today, I went with the flow of the day and these are some of the moments I got to experience. 

1. I discovered that one of our new crew members would really like to produce his own talk show.
2. This conversation took place
"Mr. Heisel, I want to buy Skittles in bulk so that they are cheaper"
Well I think you have to have a business license in order to buy them in bulk.
"Well let's do that!"
"Where do we start?"
3. Our faculty meeting was a session of people sharing things happening in their learning spaces, and it was AMAZING.
4. A group of teachers had a brilliant idea to help support our learners during Innovation Hour (blog post coming soon)
5. I was able to get many people interviewed for our next podcast episode (See post about WGSD After Chat, and subscribe)

It is in these moments, of a busy Monday, that you must remind yourself of all of the successes and brilliance that surrounds you, embrace it, and take time to reflect.

Stay tuned and stay connected.

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